Bad bunny: the most listened to artist for second year running!

Spotify and Apple Music, the two greatest players in music streaming, have declared the tracks and collections that have been the most well known universally in 2021 (in the period 1 January to 27 November).

For a second year straight, the most-streamed artist on Spotify is the Puerto Rican performer Bad Bunny, whose melodies were streamed a sum of 9.1 billio
occasions, as opposed to the 3 billion in 2020 – a sign of how the streaming business sector keeps on developing close by the artist and rapper's notoriety. Subsequent to delivering two studio collections and a gathering in 2020, Bad Bunny delivered a progression of singles in 2021 including the US Top 10 hit Yonaguni. He is followed by Taylor Swift, Drake, Justin Bieber and BTS in the Top 5 most-streamed specialists.